Outdoor Cooling Systems
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Outdoor weddings and receptions are a favorite in the South Carolina lowcountry.  From historic homes and
plantations to backyards in full bloom, a wedding outdoors in nature's beauty is hard to beat.  But what about
the late spring to early fall heat that can take away from your special day? Don't worry, there is a solution. Since
2006, All-Mist Outdoor Cooling Systems has been providing "Outdoor Cooling for Outdoor Fun!"

With the use of high-pressure misting fans, the outdoor ambient temperature can be lowered by up to 20
degrees without getting you wet.  'Thanks for saving the day' and 'You we're a lifesaver!' are frequent
comments given to the use of these subtly placed fans that keep the celebration going.  Whether it's a tented
or non-tented outdoor occasion, All-Mist is a welcomed cooling relief that will beat the heat.  
Make your wedding party a 'Cool' one!