Stable Cooling Systems
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Specialists in high pressure misting and air movement
systems that work in the high humidity of the south.
Stable on the Rail - Aiken, SC
Half Moon Stables, Waggener, SC
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more about misting for
heat stress relief
Keep your horses cool and safe from heat stress.
All-Mist, for the well-being of your horses.
A cooler environment, less dust and less insects.
  • The University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine has recommended the
    use of fans and misting in their top Ten Tips to Keep Horses Cool.(tip #3 & #4)
  • Ralph Beadle, DVM, PhD, at Louisiana State University says the use of misting fans is
    his treatment of choice.  Beadle said that studies at Louisiana State have revealed
    that a misting fan can lower ambient temperature by as much as 15 degrees.
  • During the 1996 Olympics, 85 misting fans were placed at shady recovery areas
    throughout the equestrian courses to lower body temperatures.
  • Empire Racing Associates released a plan addressing measures to improve safety...
    misting tents at Belmont and Saratoga to prevent heat exhaustion for horses.

When high temperatures and humidity combine, body heat
accumulates faster than your horses ability to lower it.
What the experts say: