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All-Mist, for the well-being of your horses.
A cooler environment, less dust and less insects.
  • Storybook Farm undertook a major interior barn renovation at the beginning of the Summer in 2011.
    During the work my son and I realized our fans weren't really cooling us, or the horses, off, they were just
    moving hot air. I contacted All-Mist. They knew exactly what I needed and three days later we were up and
    running. All-Mist installed 23 high velocity fans with a central misting system pump. In the three summers
    that we have had the system the temperature in the barn, and each stall, seems to be 15 to 20 degrees
    lower than the air temperature. That is remarkable considering our high humidity and temperatures in
    Charleston during the summer. More importantly the horses are comfortable in their stalls during the heat
    of the day. The All-Mist system is one of the wisest investments I have made in my 35 year career in the
    horse industry! - Bob Story, College of Charleston Head Coach Womens Equestrian Team

  • My husband and I live in Canton, Georgia on a small farm with six horses who are accustomed to different
    winter and summer time turnouts (they are turned out in the day during the winter and in the summer they
    are turned out at night and stand under fans during the day to avoid the heat and insects). Even so,
    summer is summer and the barn is hot!  One summer day while vacationing at The Sanctuary at Kiawah
    Island we were sitting at a poolside bar enjoying a very cool breeze created by several mister fans blowing
    down from the top of the overhead canopy.  We enjoyed them so much we asked an employee if he could
    tell us where we might purchase these fans for our barn. We now have these same mister fans in our
    stalls and not only do our horses LOVE it but so do we!  The temperature inside the stalls is noticeably
    cooler which not only makes horse chores enjoyable, but cleaning stalls is much more bearable too, not
    to mention the fans indirectly cool the entire barn!  Our horses no longer experience heat stress trying to
    tolerate the summer months and our older horses especially are much happier and healthier.  All horses
    and horse people should be pampered by All-Mist Outdoor Cooling Fans!  We LOVE these mister fans
    and can't imagine getting through the summers without them. - Linda Dow, Canton, GA

  • I have used many misting systems over the last 20 years.  Have struggled with them for one reason or
    another.  Never completely happy, either too much water or not enough.  After moving to South Carolina
    with my horses and llamas I knew I needed a dependable system to keep my animals comfortable over
    the summer months.  I was thrilled to learn about the All-Mist Outdoor Cooling system.  With their expert
    help it was so easy to design a system for my two barns that would accommodate my animals through the
    summer months.  Installation was fast and a beautiful addition to my new barn.  Professional, efficient,
    dependable and done right the first time.  My animals were comfortable this summer and I didn’t have to
    worry at all.  Thank you!! - Diane Lundholm, Greenwood, SC
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